Device Control Software

Device Control Software

Our device control software supports in controlling and maintaining of measurement devices and allows data acquisition from those devices. For this purpose we created a framework that enables simple configuration and creation of customized user-interfaces in different areas of application.

Our Role

An entirely new concept in maintenance and service was devised. It includes a flexible user interface as well as a generic device and a communication driver. Both modules are part of the measuring device in the embedded web server. This system provides local control as well as remote maintenance.

The demand for an independent platform can be satisfied by the usage of Java or JS/HTML5. This allows the use of various hardware platforms, which leads to a significant reduction of development and maintenance costs.

Main tasks of the project
  • Use in 30+ measuring instrument projects
  • Worldwide use in 4,000+ measuring instruments
  • Web capability through JAVA application, JS/HTML5
  • Project duration 13 years, approx. 35 PJ
  • Contribution to joint process improvement
  • Close cooperation with the developers of measuring instruments